We are thankful for all of the previous volunteers, staff members, board members and partners who have worked with us over the years to build SOAR into the amazing program it is today!  Thank you for your belief that SOAR was worthy of the investment of your time and energy!  You believed that SOAR could be a unique program in Pine Bluff capable of helping our students reach their fullest potential and your vision has helped us achieve our success!  As time goes on, we look forward to adding our students who graduate from the program to this list of our extraordinary SOAR Ambassadors.   

  • Joni Alexander
  • Drew Atkinson
  • Duncan Bellingrath
  • Alexandra Kosmitis Bowen
  • CJ Branch
  • Doug Brown
  • Keidra Burrell 
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Joey Gieringer
  • Jackie Harris
  • Debbie Hollingsworth
  • Keith Jackson
  • Nick Makris 
  • The McGeorge Family
  • Nancy Lee McNew
  • Kareem Moody
  • Donna Mooney
  • Veronica Nelson
  • Glenn Nishimura 
  • Shirley Washington
  • Linda Watson