“We start each day with a new opportunity. A chance to be better than the day before. I won’t follow the crowd; I won’t try to be like everybody else. I’m just me and that’s where my journey begins. 

We are all on this journey. We’ll have failures, but we’ll also have successes. What matters most is my willing to work harder, THIMK BIGGER! Be myself, only better every day.

There are two ways to think about this; there’s the world around you and how it affects you; then there’s how I affect the world. Because when each of us gets better, we all get better.

So, forget about the circumstances, I can’t control those things. What I can control is “ME” I will challenge myself, push myself, best myself and at the end of the day the only question left to ask myself:

“What am I going to do next?”


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